Classic Study

See inside many of the most beautiful new homes built in the United States in the classical style with The Classical American House (Images Publishing; $95). This new title takes you on a tour of new homes and renovations, together with a new apartment fit-out, designed by seven leading exponents of classical architecture in the United States today.

Featuring many of the top names in the industry, including Charles Hilton of the A-List Award-winning firm CHARLES HILTON ARCHITECTS, this book is a showcase of best practice in classical design in the country.

Edited by well-known classical architecture commentator PHILLIP JAMES DODD, this latest compilation volume offers an enticing glimpse into the exquisite architectural works of innovative and skilled contemporary classicists. While remaining loyal to traditional classic design, the featured projects within display a remarkable talent for versatility and adaptability within the fundamental classical language of architecture.

The richly photographed book masterfully presents a number of preeminent classicists who offer unique insight into their interpretation of the theory of classical design in their works. This compilation also highlights the collaboration between the architects’ applications of excellent detailing, the use of fine material and exceptional craftsmanship, and how, all the while, they are creating a refined and seamless fusion with the surrounding landscape and environment.



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