Gina Schapiro Braun

What inspires me…I’m inspired by people who aren’t willing to settle for mediocrity. I like to push myself to be better and try to surround myself with others who want the same out of life.

What I’m watching now…really? OK, I guess if I’m being honest, Girls. It’s brutal, hilarious, extreme and real.

My dream home would have…my husband, my kids and my dog on a ridiculously comfortable sectional, watching a ‘90s movie and eating Mochis.

You can’t go wrong by…speaking from your heart and being thankful.

I’m rejuvenated by…going away to New York City with my husband for forty-eight hours, five times a year.

My personal motto is…definitely “master in the art of living.” Google it. Incredible.

A perfect day for me would include…doing what I love—building homes.

If I could go anywhere in the world…I know this is crazy, but New York City. I love that city for… too many words.

Something you may not know about me… I was going to be a famous actress, but now I just act like a big nerd, and my husband, kids and friends are my biggest fans.

If I got stranded on a desert island, I would bring…my dad. Not even a question. The man knows how to build a shelter like no one else. We would have the most innovative, perfectly constructed, beautifully designed, energy-efficient, food-generating house ever constructed on a desert island. He’d also figure out a way to get us off the island and back to work.

In ten years, I see myself…turning fifty! Taking my daughter to college, trying to get my son out of bed because he’ll be sixteen, and I’ll probably continue to baby my youngest son even though he’ll be fourteen. Hopefully, my husband and I will be getting more sleep, and I hope to God I’ll still be going to SoulCycle.

My favorite piece in my home…my kitchen island, where the family sits and talks, eats, plays board games, watches TV, cooks and drinks South African tea with milk and one teaspoon of sugar.

A typical day for me is filled with…5:45 a.m. SoulCycle, getting three kids out the door, remembering to kiss my husband, driving to work, clients, meeting Dad, clients, clients, meeting Dad, driving back home, kids, kids, kids, dog, kids, 9:30 p.m. time with husband,    11 p.m., zzzzz.

On my nightstand, you will find…a beautiful table lamp with soft amber lighting—nothing is better than the right lighting, ironed sheets and my love as the punctuation to my day.

What I love most about MILTON…living my dream (seriously, not even kidding).


Gina with her father Ashley Schapiro, CEO of MILTON, in the early 1970s and today.

Inside a MILTON home kitchen.

Spin on! Gina in her SoulCycle threads.

Ashley with his three grandchildren

Gina and her husband in NYC


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