Meet the Judges

Photograph: Kyle Norton

The A-List Awards wouldn’t be possible without our esteemed panel of all-star judges. These design professionals are masters of their craft, and we’re so appreciative of our new and returning judges for sharing their time, enthusiasm and expertise with us.

But don’t take our word for it—check out the judges’ videos below. We think you’ll agree their work speaks for itself.

Aman & Meeks

James Aman and John Meeks design sumptuous residential and significant commercial projects, including urban residences and country estates, luxury fashion and accessory boutiques, lush hotel interiors and public spaces, and skillfully-appointed corporate offices and headquarters.

Aman & Meeks 

Ernest de la Torre

Blending traditional and modern influences around a passion for art and design, Ernest de la Torre consistently breaks new ground for clients. His firm specializes in designing spaces around unique collections of art, custom furniture and textiles created over the years in his studio.

de la Torre design 

Delaney + Chin

Topher Delaney and partner Calvin Chin are devoted to grounding and transforming sites to benefit individuals and communities, both spiritually and aesthetically. In scope and scale, their broad range of installations serve as dynamic physical evidence of a visual, spiritual and cultural literacy.

Delaney + Chin 

Russell Groves

As the founder of Groves & Co., Russell remains attuned to the needs of his discerning clients who look to his firm to create harmonious, comfortable spaces infused with eclectic art, crisp technology, and curated furnishings.

Groves & Co. 

Richard Hartlage

As the founding principal and CEO of Land Morphology, Richard Hartlage creates award-winning, innovative landscape designs renowned as emotive, immersive spaces that incorporate sophisticated horticulture, artful detailing, and historical knowledge.

Land Morphology

Delphine Krakoff

Although her education was in business, Delphine’s interest in design landed her jobs at the luxury houses of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior in Paris and later Coach and Ralph Lauren in New York. Her innate sense of style and natural French flair made the transition into the trade seamless and led to the creation of her own interior design company in 2000.

Pamplemousse Design

Brian Sawyer

Brian founded Sawyer|Berson, a NYC-based interdisciplinary firm practicing architecture, landscape architecture and interior design, in 1999. The firm’s work includes private houses and gardens, apartments, townhouses and urban roof terraces as well as commercial and institutional projects throughout the United States.


Edward Siegel

Edward is the principal of Edward Siegel Architect in New York City, and his firm specializes in luxury residential, resort, and specialty buildings. He has extensive high-end private residential experience, leading design work on numerous luxury house and apartment renovation projects. He has also designed a number of multi-family apartment, commercial, resort, institutional and recreational buildings.

Edward Siegel Architect

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